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             First let me start with a few quotes from advisors who have read the book:

            Great book! Finally, someone has addressed the problems in the financial services industry and the inherent conflicts of interest with many advisors. It was an easy read and one I believe non-financial professionals will easily understand. I especially like the sections giving the client questions to ask to determine a “bad advisor from a “good advisor”. Ferenc Toth

            “The book is an honest and clear assessment of the insurance/ financial services/ advisor industry. I hope this book will make advisors question what they are really trying to do – sell something, or find the correct solutions for their clients.” Brian Sauls


            “Roccy forthrightly exposes the warts and weaknesses of the entire financial industry. You’ll confirm some suspicions, but more importantly your eyes will be opened to things you never imagined–good and bad. Chapter 6 especially blew my mind!” Lee Martinson


            “Wow Roccy, great book!  Thanks for exposing Wall Street and the financial advising industry for their self-serving anti-consumer practices. You have created a must read for every Red Blooded American that is planning for their financial future and for anyone that is already advising people with their money or wants to be an advisor.”  Kurt Jackson


            About the book

            I wrote Bad Advisors because what I have seen and continue to see on a day-to-day basis in the financial services and insurance industry makes me sick to my stomach.

            What is important for you to understand is that I am truly an industry insider. I interact with thousands of financial planner, insurance agents, attorneys, and CPAs every year. I have educated thousands of advisors through my educational company through hard core certification courses, webinar, newsletters, books, etc. I am also insurance licensed and law licensed.

            I have unique insights into what kind of advice is being given by all types of advisors and much of it just makes me ill. Why ill? Because the VAST MAJORITY of advice I’ve seen given to clients is certainly not as good as it should be and much of it is just flat out “bad.”

            This book will tell you insider secrets that will blow your mind. I disclose the real motivation of many “bad advisors” and explain in detail why most advisors have built in biases that taint their advice. I also disclose why many advisors contractually can’t give clients the best advice possible (which is the most outrageous part of the book).

            For consumers

            If you are a non-advisor, reading this book will open your eyes to the fact that most of your past, current, and future advisors are “bad advisors.”  I will give you specific questions to ask your current and future advisors so you can determine in no uncertain terms if they are “good advisors” or “bad advisors.”

            While this is self serving, anyone who has any amount of wealth needs to read this book so they can protect their wealth from the bad advice that is being given by the majority of advisors in our country (this is sad but true).

            For Advisors

            This book is going to be a bitter pile for most advisors.  If you are what I call a “bad advisor” the book will confirm this for you.  If you are teetering on the edge, my hope is that this book will help you determine how you will go about giving advice to your clients in the future. If you are a “good advisor” this book will confirm that for you and will be a book you will want to give to your clients (so they too will know that they are lucky to be dealing with a “good advisor”).

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