The Current List of “Bad Advisors”

            As time goes on, I will build out a list of advisors that I consider “bad advisors.” It could be becuase I’ve had personal interaction with them that leads me to put them on the list, it could be that they have had one or more lawsuits filed against them, it could be for any number of different reasons. 

            To view the current list of “bad advisors” please click here.

Bad Advisor” Horror Stories
Message Board

            How do you sign up for the message board? Simply click here (this link has been temporarily disabled while we reconfigure the message board).

            What are “Bad Advisor” horror stories?

            There are two types of stories that will be posted on the message board:

            1) Stories posted by advisors who see first-hand the bad advice given to new clients they pick up.

            2) Stories posted by non-advisors who have been or are being given bad advice.

            For example, annuity sales people might post stories about how new senior clients of theirs (70 or older) have been sold 15-year surrender charge annuities.

            Another example horror story would be non-affluent seniors who are scared of the stock market being told by a stock broker to keep “all” their money in stocks and mutual funds (which have 100% at risk to market loss).

            What’s on this message board?

            On this message board you will find stories by insurance agents, financial planners, CFPs, attorneys, CPAs/EAs/accountants, and by non-advisors.

            Can you ask questions on the message board?

            Sure. If you have a question you’d like to ask, once signed up, you can feel free to ask your questions and either I or another qualified advisor will post a response.

            Will you get notified of new messages posted to the board?

            Yes, you can setup your account to be notified when someone makes a new post to the board.

            If you have any questions before signing up, please feel free to e-mail

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